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301 East Street Surgery is proud to be a Research Ready Accredited Practice. We work collaboratively with the NIHR Clinical Research Network which is the Research arm of the NHS.

Clinical Research is very important to improve care, treatments and ultimately patients’ quality of life.

If you are a patient at the surgery, you may receive invitation letters to ask if you wish to take part in a research study. Joining in a research study is completely voluntary.

If you do not wish to take part in research studies then please let the practice know.

To find out more information about clinical research studies please visit:

This practice also contributes anonymised data to the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD). This means that you cannot be identified from the information sent to CPRD. If you do not want anonymised data from your patient record to be used in research, you can opt out - just let us know. For more information on CPRD please click on the links below:

CPRD Notice


The Summit Study

The surgery is participating in an exciting new piece of clinical research called the Summit Study.

The SUMMIT Study is a large-scale study involving 25,000 people aged 55-77 living in London and surrounding areas. The participants will be people who currently smoke or have smoked regularly in the past. 

The study has two main aims: the first is to detect lung cancer early using the proven method of low-dose CT (LDCT) screening of at-risk individuals. The second aim is to support the development of a new blood test for the early detection of lung and other cancers.

For more information on the study, including how to opt out of receiving an invitation, please see below:

Summit Study - Research Information

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